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zach talking about zankie ♡

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zach’s exit ( we’ll miss you, you fruit loop dingus ♡ )

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i want to travel the world but i also want to stay home in bed

And this is why Bilbo Baggins speaks to my soul.

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star trek aos + tumblr text posts (pt. 2/?; pt. 1)

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"Rudy. His soul just rolled into my arms." - The Book Thief

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some days you do big things and conquer the universe and other days you’re really proud of yourself for making a spectacular grilled cheese and not killing yourself but either way it’s all good 

a very important post

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So, I just saw a “news” heading that “Jared Leto slept with a transsexual”. Excuse mebut why do we live in a world where that is news (and is implied to be somehow scandalous)? And when I actually opened the article, I discovered that the person in question was actually Alexis Arquette. Why didn’t the heading just say “Jared Leto slept with Alexis Arquette”? (which still shouldn’t be news, by the way) No, we have to define her by her sexuality and oh oh oh! she’s saying Jared slept with her while she was presenting as a male. HOW SCANDALOUS!!!

Seriously, why is this news? Why should it matter who he slept with or what genitalia that person had when he slept with them?

I’ll disclaim that I am cisgendered and by no means have a full understanding of transsexual issues or things like that, but I really just find the heading of that article (as well as the whole story itself) rather offensive and unnecessary.

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You are good at something, stop lying to yourself. You’re good at breaking down comic book plots, cooking ramen perfectly, making your friends happy, knowing the time without looking at a clock, getting the perfect ending at RPG’s, or figuring out the twist ending to movies. Don’t let society tell you your talents are meaningless because they don’t serve an economical purpose. Your talents reflect your interests and passions, and what’s important to you is important.

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"We are completely the puppets of all the actors, okay? They’ll be writing the script for us. Especially the six-year-old, she’s not gonna buy a word you’ve written."
- Tarsem Singh, on the set of The Fall. 

Tarsem Singh spent 8 years searching for the right actress to play Alexandria before he began shooting the film. Alexandria’s charming and enigmatic character was, according to Singh, the driving force that could carry the film’s story. The interactions seen between Roy and Alexandria are essentially unrefined and natural, and the chemistry between the actors is very tangible.  The development of their onscreen relationship in the resulting scenes corresponds with the relationship Lee and Catinca built in reality, as the hospital scenes were filmed consecutively.

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